Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thread Crochet

I think thread crochet is one of the most time consuming types of crochet, but it does result in very beautiful projects. Some of my favorites to make are small and large doilies, as well as snowflakes for the winter season. I finished this doily today, and it will sit on the filing cabinet in my spare room to add a little accent to the room.

The colors are more bold in person, but it is blue, green and purple. 

Granny Square blankets!

Granny square blankets are quick and easy, but the most frustrating part by far is the stitching together of the squares. I worked on squares for this blanket intermittently in 2011, then they sat dormant in my spare room until this month when I FINALLY stitched them together. I think the gray and white tassels make a nice contrast with the bright and bold colors of the squares.

Monday, May 21, 2012

This is one of my favorite hat patterns! It's crocheted double-stranded, so it is super warm and doesn't let the wind through. I added a homemade pom-pom to the top of mine, and used fleece to line the inside of my mother's hat I made for Christmas.